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Carnatic Music

2:13 PM Posted by Vijayasri

Carnatic music is the great classical music art form of South India. Inorder to become a good classical singer, one has to undergo vigorous training under a competent teacher. Even a prodigious talent needs the guidance of a guru (teacher) to shape the way of singing.

Carnatic Music is rich in both Raagas(melody) and Talas and has to be expressed with Bhava (feeling). It also lays great emphasis in Laya(rhythm) and has several patterns of rhythm called ‘Taala’. Each composition has a set pattern of rhythm and it is performed at a particular speed.

There are various stages of learning Carnatic music, starting from the Swaravali (Sarali Varisai) which train and tune the voice and the mind.
Purandaradasa developed a system of teaching Carnatic music, starting with Sarali Varisai in Mayamalavagowlai ragam and gradually built up till Gitam. This pattern is being followed even today. Purandaradasa was the trendsetter in developing a teaching methodology for Carnatic music and is hailed as the "Father of Carnatic music". Depending on the range and quality of the voice, the pitch is selected. The pitch is called "sruti" in Carnatic music. Clean adherence to sruti is the mark of a good singer.


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