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Hayagreevar Sloka

10:01 AM Posted by Vijayasri

Hayagreevar Shlokam
(This sloka is to be recited before children start their daily school work/studies)

Sri Hayagreeva or Hayagriva is the horse faced Vishnu avatar who is associated with the purity of knowledge and is represented in the same way as Saraswati. White is a symbolism of purity that is depicted in the "white horse" face he adorns with white garments and seated on a white lotus. The Lord assumed this form to slay Madhu and Kaitabha, the two asuras who stole the Vedas from Brahma.

Gyaana nanda mayam Devam
Nirmala Spadikakruthim
Aadaram Sarva Vidyanaam
Hayagreevam Upasmahe

Vidyaarambam begins with a prayer to Sri Hayagreeva (Lord with the Horse’s face) Haya-horse; greeva-neck. You are the presiding deity for all knowledge. We pray to you to bless us with all the knowledge.


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