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Lord Dakshinamurthy Sloka

8:21 AM Posted by Vijayasri

In Hindu tradition, a particular name and form to this aspect of Ishwara as a bestower of Jnana, the Ultimate Guru,is given as Lord Dakshinamurti.

The symbolism associated with His name and form is well-known as follows:

The entire manifest Universe is represented in His form in a eightfold aspect (yasyaiva murthy ashtakam)
The body or idol itself represents Prthvi or earth.

He has a different earring on each ear representing both the male and female aspects.The Ganges on his head represents water.The damaru in one hand represents space or akasha.The headband bandhana that ties the hair reveals the presence of vayu or wind. The flame in one hand represents of course fire or agni.

On the head is the Sun one one side representing all the luminous bodies, on the other the crescent moon representing all the planets and satellites.
The four disciples represent Sanaka and other jivas who first receive the teaching.

The vedas on one hand represent the shruti, the pramana, the means of knowledge, and the japamala represents the sadhana for attaining the right preparedness of mind and intellect without which the knowledge cannot take place.

Obstacles (apasmara) to this knowledge (raga,ddvesha,kama,krodha) represent the figure under his foot whom he (effortlesslly) vanquishes.

Sloka on Lord Dakshinamoorthy :

Gurave Sarva Lokaanaam
Bhishaje Bhava Roginaam
Nidhaye Sarva Vidyaanaam
Dakshina Moorthaye Namaha


I salute God Dakshina Moorthy (Shiva in Guru form) who is the Guru of all the worlds, the One who cures the disease of worldly existence and who is wealth of all knowledge.


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