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Ragi thandira Bhikshake

3:32 PM Posted by Vijayasri

'Ragi thandheera' is a purandara dasa krithi which is sung in many raagas like Revathi, ahibhairavi, punnagavarali etc.

Sri Purandara Dasa was a real social reformer. He had the dream of providing peace of mind to all the people. His ambition is to build a healthy society. Dasa’s socialism is poor man’s side. He represented the poor people. He wished to have the poverty till the end of his life. That’s why he use to ask ‘rAgiya ta.ndIra, bhikshake rAgi ya tandira’ (ragi is basically sort of grain grown in southern India and are being used by the rural poor people).

Song : Ragi thandira
Ragam : Revathi

2 ratnaangi janya
Aa: S R1 M1 P N2 S
Av: S N2 P M1 R1 S

Talam : Adi
Composer : Purandara Dasar
Language : kannada


rAgi tandIryA bhikShakE rAgi tandIryA
bhOgyarAgi yOgyarAgi bhAgyavantarAgi nIvu

Charanam 1 :

annadAnava mADuvarAgi anna chatra vaniTTavarAgi
anya vArteya biTTavarAgi anudina bhajaneya mADuvarAgi (Ragi)

Charanam 2 :

Guru gala sevEye mADuvarAgi gurutige bAhOranthavarAgi
Kare kare samsArava nItavarAgi purandara viTTalana sEviparAgi

This is a very impressionable “needhibodhana” song. In this song PurandaraDasa explains how one should live. But in a very charming way he has played with the word “Ragi”. He starts off the song with the common day to day meaning of the word and wakes you up with a jolt with a verydifferent use of that word as he delves into the song proper. And just watch how manytimes that word is used in this song byPurandara Dasa. It is class poetry, in simple words but carrying profound education for living.
Hear and watch excellent performance of Ragi thandira in Revathy raaga by Bombay Jayshree.


  1. Raghavendra said...

    This is a very beautiful song. I have heard it in Dr Rajkumar's voice.


  2. LakshmiNarasimhan said...

    This song is basically a representation of the Sri Panduranga Vittala story wherein Vittala asked for some food to an old lady and she said she had only a ragi roti and he said that is more than enough for him and then on came on a daily basis and requested for ragi as bhiksha. The best part is Purandaradasa's composition that takes ragi amidst the words 'yogayaragi', 'bhogyaragi', 'bhagyavantaragi' which all has dual meanings. For ex: yogya + ragi - the ragi is fit to eat, yogyar + agi - the donor would become fit to donate, bhogya + ragi - tasty ragi, bhogyar + agi - the donor will also enjoy by donating etc. A real master piece...

    - LakshmiNarasimhan

  3. Sagar said...

    Ya its very beautiful song:-)

  4. Sarawathi said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. Anusha Dixit said...

    I love this song and i even sang it music.performance

  6. Vijayasri said...

    That's great Anusha ! Keep singing !

  7. Sarada said...

    I like the ahirbhairavi version of this song sung by MLV

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