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Father of Carnatic Music

3:21 PM Posted by Vijayasri

Sri Purandara dasa created a carnatic music system for students which is followed even now and he is populary known as Father of Carnatic Music.

Sri Purandara Dasa decided that “Malava gowla” of the South was most suited for beginners. The corresponding Raga in the North is called “Bhairav”. In “Malavagowla” subsequently named as “Maya Malavagowla”, the difference of pitch between ‘Ri’ and ‘ga’ and ‘da’ and ‘ni’ are the same and the notes sa-ri-ga-ma and pa-da-ni-sa are perfect concordant notes. That is why Purandara Dasa found Maya Malavagowla the best raaga to begin lessons in classical music.

This system of music is called “Karnataka Music” as he belongs to that region and the music is very pleasing to the ears. He created several phrases of notes called “Sarali” “Janta”, Hetchu-sthayi, and “Datu” Swaras. He also simplified “Thala” system and moulded it into “Pancha-Thrimsathi” Thala system and composed “Alankaras” to be sung in those Thalas.

All these initial notes or Swaras are to be sung in Maya Malavagowla. The next phase of learning of a beginner is “Geethe” for which Purandaradasa created “Pillari Geete” in Raga-Malahari” a derivative of Maya-Malava-Gowla. Gradually the Ragas and their notes are to be changed to acquaint the student with different notes step by step. Purandara Dasa was therefore, rightly called Karnataka Sangeeta Pithamaha.

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