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Thaye Yashoda

10:01 PM Posted by Vijayasri

Song : ThayE yashOdaa
Ragam: thODi

8 hanumathODi mela

Aa: S R1 G2 M1 P D1 N2 S
Av: S N2 D1 P M1 G2 R1 S

TaaLam: aadi
Composer: OotukkaaDu VenkaTasubbaiyyar
Language: Tamil


thAyE yashOda undan Ayarkulattuditta mAyan
gOpAlakriSNan seyyum jAlattai kELaDI (thAyE)


thayalE kELaDi undan paiyannai pOlavE indha
vayyagattil oru piLLai ammamma nAn kaNDadillai (thAyE)

Charanam 1

kAlinil shilambu konjak-kaivaLai kulunga

muttu mAlaigaL asaiyat-teru vAsalil vandaan
kAlashaivum kaiyashaivum tALAmODisaindu vara

nIlavarna kaNNanivan narthanamaaDinaan
bAlanenru thAvi anaithEn aNaitha ennai
mAlaiyiTTavan pOl vAyil muttamittaanDi
bAlanallaDi un maghan jAlam migha seivadhellam
nAlu pErgal kETka solla nANamigha mAgudaDi (Thaye)

Watch Aruna Sairam and k.J.Yesudas rendering the above krithi 'thaye yashoda' .

Meaning of thaye yasoda song:

This song describes the mischief of young Lord Krishna, as the gopis describe to his mother Yashoda, wife of King Nandagopa (the father of young Sri krishna). The young krishna who is the Supreme Lord, is also the darling of the gOpees and pet of the masses of brindhavan and/ or gOkulam, the vrajpuri, [the village aayarpadi in tamil language]. The gopis together say: Oh Mother Yashoda, listen to the antics of your Gopalakrishnan who created the Universe with his Maya (illusion).


Oh mother yasodha! Please listen to the mischievous plays and tricks that your son, this krishna plays on us, who is born in your vraj kulam.
This is the first address to the judge. The case is made out first highlighting the damage it has created not only to the direct recipients, the gopees, or the directly affected, but the entire clan [aayar kulam- vrajpuri vaasis] connected with krishna the defendant. Also added, is the kulam is not ours, but, "oh, yasOdha, oh mother, oh Judge! it is yours" thus including the judge herself with the complainants. Now a "close feeling" is induced while addressing the judge as "oh mother".


Oh young lady, please hear, I have not seen such a mischievous boy equal to your son krishna in this world. Oh, what an extent of nuisance from him.
Since Mother yasOdha [and Judge] is also a young lady, and, whenever a woman is addressed "oh, you! Young woman" irrespective of her age, she feels more proud even though it is direct flattery. This psychology is also used while addressing the judge by calling her "thaiyalE" meaning- "oh dear young lady". Next is "Please hear. I have not seen another boy like your son in this world". Yes. It is true that there is no one equal to my krishna in this world. That is a fact. How can this young gOpi could find an equal to my krishna. This fact is put very nicely by an exclamation, even though it is in the nature of a naughty comment to the judge.

Charanam :

Wearing thick anklets (shilambu) on his feet (kaal), bangles (vaLai) on his hands (kai), pearl (muttu) necklackes (maalai-gaL) swaying (ashaiya), he came (vandaan) outside. With his hands and feet moving, blue Krishna danced (narttanam). Thinking he was a boy (baalan), I leapt (taavi) to embrace him (anaittEn). Your son isn't a boy at all, who does this great mischief. He came (vandaan) out on the street (vaasal) with jingling sounds of the anklets (shilambu) on his feet (kaal), bangles (valai) wriggling and making noise in the wrists (kai - hand), the pearl (muttu) necklaces (maalaigaL) just swaying (ashaiya) on the chest. His hands and legs followed a rythmic pattern and this beautiful Krishna danced (narttanam aaDinaan) in the street. Seeing such a beautiful young boy (or child? - baalan) I leapt (taavi) to embrace him (aNaittEn). But to the one who embraced him, me (yennai), like a husband (maalai iTTavan - one who garlanded) he planted a kiss (muttam) on my lips (vaayil)! Yashoda, your son (un magan) is no boy - who plays all these tricks. I feel ashamed in front of others for this kind of embarrassment he gave me. I feel very bad, when many people hear this, what they will think about me, for what he did without my consent.


  1. kartik the small federer said...

    Its a marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrvellous song by Venkatakavi and i love it. If anyone can tell me how can I download this song with video

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