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Upanga and Bashanga Raaga

11:05 PM Posted by Vijayasri

Upanga raaga :
Upanga raagas are those janya raagas that take only the swaras of the parent melakartha, as they usually do.

Bashanga raaga :

Bashanga raagas are those that take a foreign swara (from some other melakartha) either in arohanam, or in avarohanam or in both. These foreign notes is known as annya swara.
There are 26 Bhashanga ragas in Carnatic music.

Example of Bashanga raaga :
Bhairavi is a janyam of 20th melam , NataBairavi .
Bhairavi takes the aro : Sa ga re ga ma pa da ne sa
ava : Sa ne da pa ma ga re sa
Bashanga Chathusruthi dhivatham (annya swaram) in aarohanam, Sudha dhivatham in avarohanam.


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