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What is a Taala ?

7:22 PM Posted by Vijayasri

'Taala' in Sanskrit means a 'clap'.Tala is the pattern that determines the rhythmic structure in a musical composition. Carnatic vocalists demonstrate tala by clapping their palms. Instrumentalists, having their hands engaged on the instruments , use their feet and the thighs to tap and mark the beats.

Tala (rhythm) is a concept adopted to explain the time frame in music and dance. Indian music has more number of taalas (rhythm) than any other forms of music in the world. The diversity of taalas (rhythm) is considered as the most important characteristic of south Indian classical carnatic music.

The most important talas in sout Indian classical carnatic music accounts to seven in number. They are dhruva, madyam, rupakam, jampa, tripuda, ada and eka talams.
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