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Carnatic Quiz - Varisais

7:11 PM Posted by Vijayasri

Carnatic Quiz:

This is a carnatic quiz/test for beginners who have learnt the basic varisais of carnatic music.

#1. What raaga and what taala is used to teach the basics of carnatic music ?
#2. Adi talam has ----- aksharas.
#3. What is a Kaarvai ?
#4. Name the 7 swaras and their full names?
#5. Which varisai deal with higher octave sequences, which can increase the students' vocal or instrumental range.
#6. Name the Trinity of Carnatic Music.
#7. Who is considered as the father of Carnatic Music. He is the one who created these fundamental exercisers (varisais).
#8. ______________ Varishais are forceful sequences, which facilitate the students to add weight and majesty to their voice. They make use of a form of ornamentation called "spuritham" which is rendering a note twice: plain the first time, and with force from the previous note.
#9. _________ varishais are zigzag sequences that increase the students' overall command of notes.
#10. The first lesson where we get introduced to sing the 7 notes - _______________

Best of luck !


  1. Anonymous said...

    I feel very happy to go through your web site ma' much of infomation for people who want to learn more!
    Keep the good work rolling...
    Bless you!!!


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