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Karunai deivame karpagame

3:39 PM Posted by Vijayasri

'Karunai deivame karpagame' is a commonly sung krithi set on sindhu bairavi raaga.
The raaga Sindhubairavi is an all time favourite elegant raaga which blends a folk and classical music that could be appreciated even by a common man without much of information on raaga.
SinduBairavi has its origin from hindustani tradition, there are people who say by no means can Sindhu Bhairavi can be considered a janya of Natakapriya.
This raaga according to the North Indian Musical tradition , is a morning raaga and is a variant of Raga Bhairavi even though it retains all the mannerisms of the parent Bhairavi. However it’s rishaba is augmented to its shuddha rishaba shade. These days Sindhu Bhairavi is sung with both the rishabs and both the dhaivatas.
Another way of looking at it is as a Sindhu from southern classical view point is as Variant of Sindhu .Other Sindhu Variants are sindu dhanyAsi,sindu gowri,sindu kannaDa,sindu mandAri,sindu rAmakriyA,sindu shuruTTi(

It's interesting to note that there, there are no carnatic compositions in this Sindhubairavi by the trinity of music ( Tyagaraja Swamigal, Muthuswamy Dikshitar and Shyama Shastrigal).There are even very few krithis in the parent raaga 'Naatakapriyaa'. The krithis in sindhu bairavi raaga have a semi-classical tunes and is often used towards the end of a Carnatic concert.

Sindhubairavi has been explored by many film music directors and widely used in south indian movies. Here is a famous carnatic krithi 'Karunai deivame' in praise of Goddess karpagambal composed by Madurai Srinivasan.

Song : karunai deivame
Ragam : Sindhu Bairavi

10 naaTakapriya janya
Aa: S R2 G2 M1 G2 P D1 N2 S
Av: N2 D1 P M1 G2 R1 S N2 S
talam : adi
Composer : Madurai Srinivasan
Language: tamil

Karunai DeivamE Karpagame
Kaana vendum unthan porpadhamey

Uruthunaiyaagaven Ullathil amarnthaai
Unaiandri very yaaro en thaai

Ananda vaazhvu aliththidal vendum
anneya yen mel irangidal vendum
Naalum unnai thozhudidal vendum
Nalamudan vaazha arulnalvendum

Watch the video of Karunai deivame song by Priya Sisters. Priya sisters have rendered this song beautifully with full of devotion. Hear and enjoy !

Another video of the same song 'karunai deivame' set on sindhubairavi raaga by Sudha Ragunathan. Sudha talks about the power of music to heal the depression and sings to prove it.


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