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raghuvamsa sudhambudhi

10:10 AM Posted by Vijayasri

Raghuvamsha Sudha is a popular kriti in Carnatic music, composed by Patnam Subramanya Iyer. It is set in the raga Kathanakuthoohalam and Adi Tala.

'kathanakuthoohalam' raaga makes one feel energised. It is believed that this kriti song would be sung to kings to prepare and motivate them for battle.The fast paced number would motivate them for the battle. An evergreen and evermelodius song which makes us feel energised when rendered vocally or played in all instruments, Violin, veena, saxophone.

Find the lyrics and meaning of 'raguvamsa sudha' below.
Song : raguvamsa sudha
ragam : kathanakuthoohalam
Aa : Sa Re Ma Dha Ni Ga Pa Sa
Av : Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa
talam : adi
composer : patnam subramanyam Iyer

raghuvamsa sudhambhudhi chandra sri
rAma rAma rajEswara

aghamegha maruta srikara
asuresa mrigendra vara jagannatha

jamadagnija garva khandana
jayarudradi vismita bhandana
kamalaptanvaya mandana
aganitabhuta saurya sri venkatesa

Meaning :
O moon to the nectar-ocean of the Raghu lineage!
Sri Rama, lord of emperors!

O wind (that drives away the) sin-cloud! Maker of prosperity!
O lion (terrifying the) king of asuras! Noble lord of the world!

O Destroyer of Parasurama's conceit!
One praised by the amazed Rudra and others!
O Ornament to the solar dynasty!
O Doer of innumerable marvellous heroics! Lord of Venkata!

'Raguvamsasudha' played so beautifully by Rajesh Vaidya.

I came across this video,where Prince Rama varma renders a thillana in kathanakuthoohalam raaga composed by Balamurali Krishna in his divine voice.
Shall try to post the lyrics of kathanakuthoohalam thillana soon.

watch and enjoy kadri gopalnath playing saxophone for raghuvamsa sudhambhi.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Wonderful Raaga.... Just makes you feel so fresh after listening to this

  2. BALAJI K said...

    all beautiful renditions ! as the name states, the raga is rejuvenating ! thanks for posting this ! Congrats for introducing this blog .

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