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Tyagaraja Aradhana

4:53 PM Posted by Vijayasri

'Sri Tyagaraja Aradhana' is almost like a festival celebrated by the carnatic musicians to honor Sri Tyagaraja Swamigal.
The contribution of Saint Tyagaraja, one of the 'Trinity of Carnatic music', has been immense not only through his compositions but also through his Sishya Parampara, who have preserved and enriched the true tradition of classical music.

Saint Tyagaraja is seen as an Avatharapurusha, who came to this world to savour the souls that suffer in this world. In fact, he is considered an avathara (incarnation) of Saint Valmiki. Tyagaraja’s compositions are rich in devotional and philosophical content. They are noted for their superior structure, superb handling of ragalakshanas and apt choice of raaga and words. The world of Carnatic music owes a lot to Saint Tyagaraja for the treasure that he is bestowed on them.

Every year on ‘pushya-bahula panchami’ day,thousands of musicians throng the sanctum sanctorum of Saint Tyagaraja at Tiruvaiyaru on the banks of the river Cauvery to offer their musical tributes to the great composer by rendering the pancha rathna krithis. Saint Tyagaraja is believed to have reached the abode of his favourite diety Sri Rama on this day, in the year 1847. Since then, the ‘Tyagaraja Aradhana’ is commemorated on this day every year.

It is believed that Saint Tyagaraja was born on the 4th of May 1767 at Tiruvaroor. (The life-history of Tyagaraja as we now know, is only from the palm-leaf document of his disciple Sri Venkatramana Baghavathar and from the notebooks of Sri Krishnaswami Baghavathar (son of Venkatrama Baghavathar)).

The Five Keerthanas known as ‘Pancha Ratna Krithis’ sung during the Aradhana are Jagadananda (Nata), Dudukugala (Gowla), Sadinchanae (Arabhi), Kana kana Ruchira (Varali) and Endharo Mahanu Bhavulu (Sri). These krithis are like epics in size and content.
Tyagaraja aradhana is also celebrated in different states in US especially the tyagaraja aradhana in Cleveland is well known.

Here is a video where musicians sing the pancharatna krithis at thiruvayaru tyagaraja aradhana.


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