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pakkala nilabadi

9:08 AM Posted by Vijayasri

'Pakkala nilabadi' is set on raaga karakarapriya composed by the great trinity , Tyagaraja Swamigal.
Coming to the raaga 'kharakarapriya', it's one of the most beautiful and classic raaga handled in concerts with elaboration. I came across the meaning for the name 'Kharakarapriya' which I would like to share here in this post.

'Kharakarapriya' sometimes wrongly spelled as karakarapriya,this is the correct naming convention based on Katapayadi scheme. Kara- would make it 21st mela. Kharakarapriya is actually a 22nd melakarta raaga according to the scheme with the prefix 'khara'.

Tyagaraja was the main one who composed many compositions in this raga. In addition, Papanasam Shivan composed several classical and film pieces in this raga, along with Pallavi Sesha Iyer and Patnam Subramanya Iyer. None of the Dikshitars, including Muttuswami Dikshitar, composed in this raga, because it was not known to them with this name, although they did compose in janya ragas. Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer popularized and was famous for this raga. Folk tunes like kavadi chindus are often based on this raga.

Translated , it will mean - Lord Rama's favourite.
khara- the rAkshasa(khara-dhUshaNa)
hara-slayer(ie. RAMA)
priyA-(his ) beloved-meaning sItA.

Some give out the meaning as 'khara' just a prefix to fit in the Katapayadi scheme of Melakarta, Harapriya - Lord Shiva's favourite.

Whatever the meaning is, a beautiful all-time raaga which has many popular Tyagaraja Compositions sung at the concerts.

Here is the lyrics of the Tyagaraja Krithi, 'Pakkala nilabadi' which is followed by an excellent video of M.S.Subbulakshmi amma.

Song : Pakkala nilabaDi
ragam: kharaharapriya

22 kharaharapriya mEla
Aa: S R2 G2 M1 P D2 N2 S
Av: S N2 D2 P M1 G2 R2 S

TaLam: Misra chapu
Composer: Tyagaraja
Language: Telugu


pakkala nilabaDi golicE muccaTa bAga delpa rAdA


cukkala rAyani gEru mOmugala sudati sItamma saumitri rAmuni kiru


tanuvucE vandana monarincucunnArA canuvuna nAma kIrtana sEyucunnArA
manasuna dalaci mE maraciyunnArA nenerunci tyAgarAjunitO harihari mIriru

Watch the carnatic music video of M.S.S. rendering the Tyagaraja krithi 'pakkala nilabadi'. Kharaharapriya is a lovely raaga and the way M.S.S. has presented this krithi is heavenly.


To download, the Tyagaraja krithi 'pakkala nilabadi' by the artist Maharajapuram Santhanam, Check this link. Tyagaraja Krithi Pakkala Nilabadi Download

What is the secret of the service by which , standing on either side, you both delight the Lord immensely? O maother Sita, how charming you are with your face rivalling the moon's in splendour, and with teeth like chioce pearls in fine array! O Lakshmana! The most ardent servant of the Lord! Do you prostrate before Him or sing His praises and glory chanting the divine name or lose yourselves in meditating on Him? Do me the favour of revealing the secret so that I may follow suit and redeem myself.


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