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yetra kalangal - thiruppavai

5:15 PM Posted by Vijayasri

'yetra kalangal' thiruppavai was composed by Andal , set on the raaga 'nadanamakriya'.
Nadanamakriya, a janyam of Mayamalava gowlai raaga is a soulful raaga with bakthi rasa which can create emotions like Karuna or compassion.

Below are the lyrics of yetra kalangal thiruppavai and a video of Sudha Raghunathan rendering this beautiful thiruppavai.

Song: yETra kalangaL edirpongi meedalippa (tiruppAvai)
rAgam: nAdanAmakriya
tALam: misra chapu
Composer: AnDAL
Language: Tamil

Etra kalangaL edhir pongi meedhaLippa

maatraadhE paal soriyum vaLLal perum pasukkaL

aatra(p) padaiththaan maganE aRivuRaay

ootram udaiyaay periyaay ulaginil

thOtramaay ninRa sudarE thuyil ezhaay

maatraar unakku vali tholaindhu un vaasaR kaN

aatraadhu vandhu un adi paNiyumaa pOlE

pOtriyaam vandhOm pugazhndhElOr embaavaay

Enjoy the video of 'yetra kalangal' thiruppavai by Sudha Ragunathan.

Meaning :

(Yetra kalangal edhir pongi meedhalipa maatraadhe paal soriyum vallal perum pasukal) In this Paasuram, Shri Andal awakens Shri Krishnan who is about to get up from His bed. Shri Andal addresses Shri Krishnan by referring to His father and his wealth. Shri Nandagopan, the father of Shri Krishnan has lots of wealth in the form of cattle. He has cows (pasukkal) in large number. Each one of them are so great (perum) and generous (vallal) that the containers (kalangal) that are destined to hold (yetra) their milk (paal) cannot hold the copious overflow (edhir pongi) of milk from their udder. The milk would start to overflow and would spill all over the place from the top (meedhalipa). They do not do this just one time. Whenever, they yield milk (soriyum) they give in such manner (maatraadhe paal soriyum). The same kind of comparison could be seen with respect to the clouds of Thiruvengadam and their generous nature of giving rain. In Naachiaar Thirumozhi, Shri Anday says Maamutha nidhi soriyum maa mugil kaal vengadathu chaamathin niram konda thaadalan vaarthai enne


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