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What is a thani avarthanam ?

10:18 AM Posted by Vijayasri

The mridangam is a percussion instrument from India, especially South India. It is the primary rhythmic accompaniment in a Carnatic music ensemble.

Alternate spellings include mridanga (khol), mrudangam, mrdangam, mrithangam, miruthangam and mirudhangam.
Today the mridangam is most widely used in Carnatic music performances. These performances take place all over Southern India and are now popular all over the world. As the principle rhythmic accompaniment (pakkavadyam), the mridangam has a place of utmost importance, ensuring all of the other artists are keeping their timing in check while providing support to the main artist.

One of the highlights of a modern Carnatic music concert is the percussion solo (thani avarthanam), where the mridangam artist and other percussionists such as kanjira, morsing, and ghatam vidwans exchange various complex rhythmic patterns, culminating in a grand finale where the main artists resumes where he or she left off.

How to know when a thani avarthanam is ending ?
This you will gather by continued listening and paying attention to the thani avarthanam. At the end of a thani avarthanam the percussionists play what is known as a Mohra and Korvai. The Mohra is always played at the end of a thani avarthanam. This is a mathematical pattern based on 8 as a mean. This will be followed by a Korvai, which is a mathematical improvisation by the percussionists. Through continuous listening you will start identifying the basic pattern of a Mohra.

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Some of the thaniyavarthanam videos of Plaghat Mani Iyer .Watch and enjoy !


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