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Carnatic Quiz - Alankaras

4:09 PM Posted by Vijayasri


#1. List out the saptha talas.
#2. What are the three main angas in thalas?
#3. Which talams include the thumb in the laghu aksharas ?
#4. What is the other name for chatusra jathi thiruputa talam ?
#5. What is the number of laghu aksharas for Kanda jathi ?
#6. Which talam has anudrutham in its notation ?
#7. Which talam starts with a drutam ?
#8. Mention the name of the talams that has 14 aksharas.
#9. Which talam has only laghu ? (does'nt have drutam or anudrutam)?
#10.What is the name of the jathi for 9 laghu aksharas ?
#11.Misra Jathi Matya talam has ------------- aksharas. How ?
#12.List out the 5 jathis that relate to laghus.
#13.Which talam has three laghus in its notation?
#14.Which talam has seven aksharas ?
#15.What is the no. of aksharas for thisra jathi eka talam?
#16. What is the no. of aksharas for chatusra jathi ata talam ?
#17. What is the notation for kanda jathi thiruputa talam ?
#18. What is the total aksharas for thisra jathi jhampa talam ?
#19. The no. of beats for a talam is termed as ____________________
#20. The no. of swaras for an akshara when sung in third speed(kala) is __________


  1. Anonymous said...

    it wil b better if we get mp3 download of carnatic music junior so that we can learn.
    i wil b glad if we get the mp3 download for free..
    thank u

  2. Anonymous said...

    where can we find the answers for this?

  3. Anonymous said...

    where are the answers?

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