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Smaramyaham Sadha rahum

9:38 AM Posted by Vijayasri

Muthuswamy Dikshitar has composed nine master pieces on the planets - 'Navagraha Krithis'.
'SmarAmyaham SadA RAhum' is a famous Rahu Bagvaan Navagraha Krithi Dikshitar composition in the rAgam Ramapriya.

In Hindu Mythulogy, Rahu is a snake that swallows the sun or the moon causing the eclipses. He is depicted in art as a dragon with no body riding a chariot drawn by eight black horses.
Rahu is one of the navagrahans(nine planets) in vedic astrology.
the Rahu kala is considered inauspicious.

Ramapriya is the 52nd melakarta raagam in the 72 melkarta scale system in carnatic music. It is a lovely raaga rarely handled by Vidwans. 'Mathangi Sri RajaRajeswari' and 'Smaramyaham' are couple of famous Dikshitar compositions in this raaga 'Ramapriya' otherwise known as 'Ramamanohari'.

rAgam: rAmapriyA (ramAmanohari)
Aro: S R1 G2 M2 P D2 N2 S
Ava: S N2 D2 P M2 G2 R1 S

tAlam: rUpaka
Composer : Muthuswamy Dikshitar


smarAmy aham sadA rAhuM
sUryacandravIkSyaM vikRtadeham


surAsuraM rogaharaM sarpAdibhItiharaM
Madyamakala Sahityam
shurpAsanasukhakaraM shUlAyaudhadharakaraM


karAlavadanaM kaThinaM kayAnArNakaruNArdrApaHNgaM
chaturbhujaM khaDgakheTAdidharaNan

carmAdinIlavastraM gomedakAbharaNaM

AUDIO of Dikshitar Krithi on raagam Ramapriya 'Smaramyaham':

Click here to hear the audio of the Navagraha Krithi on Lord Raahu , Smaramyaham by Trichur V Ramachandran.

Click here to hear the audio of Smaramyaham by Rajam S.

Click here to hear the audio of Smaramyaham Navagraha Krithi by another artist Ramanathan S.

Audio of Vedavalli rendering 'Smaramyaham' available on purchase here

Meaning of 'Smaramyaham sadha' :

This Dikshitar krithi is about one of the navagraha Gods, Raahu.

I am constantly reminded of Rahu who seizes Surya and Chandra, and is deformed.

Who is both God and demon, who removes all ills, and dispels danger from poisonous creatures like serpents. Who does good to those who worship him seated in his grain-sieve and bears the spear.

Who with a dreadful face, harsh, directing his compassionate side-glance when worshipped with the Kayana mantra, with four hands and carrying the sword and shield. Who is attired in blue cloth and dress made of leather, who wears ornaments made of Gomedaka gems, the friendly planet of Shani and Shukra, and who delights Guruguha.


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