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mamava raghurama

7:42 PM Posted by Vijayasri

'Mamava raghurama' is a krithi set on raaga 'sArangA' which is a janya of kalyani raaga.
Saranga is one raaga which should appeal to even a person with no exposure to carnatic music.

Raagam: SArangA
TaaLam: roopakam
Composer: Tyaagaraaja
Language: Telugu
65th Mela mEshakalyaaNi janya
Arohana: S R2 G3 M2 P D2 N3 S
Avaroha: S N3 D2 P M2 R2 G3 M1 R2 S

mAmava raghurAma marakatamaNI shyAmA

pAmarajana bhIma pAlitha sUtramA

rAjAdhipa tyAgarAja vinuta bAga

Meaning of 'Mamava raghu rama' krithi :

Raghurama! Deign to protect me. You resemble a statue of emerald and are fascinating.You create a feeling of awe and fear in common mortals. Protector of Indra! I see no prospect of my sins being destroyed. You do not have the heart to eliminate them on my behalf.At the time of coming down from the ocean of milk, all your intense compassion seems to have been dissolved in it. O else you must have lost your brahmAstra, namely your mission of protecting your devotees in the battles you waged.Maybe that, when you left the forest, you left behind your solemn pledge that whoever surrendered to you, would have no cause to grieve. As you deliberately chose to be born as a man with divine beauty, has your divinity desreted you? Supreme among kings! You are worshipped by Tyagaraja himself. Why then this dissembling?
from T.K.Govinda Rao's book

Hear the audio of Tyagaraja Krithi 'mamava raghuraama' in raaga Saranga.

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Some videos for the Tyagaraja Krithi 'mamava raghurama'.


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