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Charukesi raaga

9:48 PM Posted by Vijayasri

'Charukesi' is a beautiful raaga The arohanam and avarohanam of this raaga 'charukesi':
S R2 G3 M1 P D1 N2 S
S N2 D1 P M1 G3 R2 S

(chathusruthi rishabham, anthara gandharam, shuddha madhyamam, shuddha dhaivatham, kaisiki nishadham)

This is a sampoorna raagam, a raagam that has all seven swaras (notes). It is the shuddha madhyamam equivalent of Rishabhapriya, which is the 62nd melakarta.

Coming to the carnatic songs based on this raagam, 'Adamodi galade ramayya' by Tyagaraja is one of the famous songs, 'kripayya palaya saure' by Swathi Thirunaal, 'Ayiram Ayiram Gopiyargalodu ' are some of the songs to be mentioned.

Tamil film Songs based on this Charukesi raaga:
#1. Olden but a Golden song 'manmadha leelai' by M.K.Tyagaraja Bagavathar popularly known as M.K.T from the film 'Haridas' is a mega hit in charukesi raaga.
'Haridas' had an unbreakable record run of over three years in the same theatre 'Broadway' at Madras and became the eternal favourite of millions. The picture ran through three deepavali festivals and created an unprecedented box office hit.

After the release of this picture, MKT's fame rose to a limitless height. He was by then the highest paid star. He gave the producers the maximum return for their investment and the audience utmost satisfaction. His remuneration went up to Rs.One lakh and more from this picture. He was the first male star to receive such a huge sum as remuneration. In 1944 for the sum of Rs. one lakh you could easily buy a hundred acres of land, that would make one lakh in 1944 equivalent to five hundred crores today.

#2. 'Vasantha mullai pole vandhu' is another song based on charukesi raaga.

#3. Among recent songs,'Udhaya udhaya' song from tamil movie "Udhaya", a mesmerizing song based on charukesi raaga.One of the best composition of A.R.Rahman which definitely is everyone's favourite.

#4.Charukesi is definitely A.R.R's favourite raaga,
Another A.R.Rahman composition 'edho edho ondru' from the tamil movie "enakku 20 unakku 18". This song is a nice melody and has a nice flavour of charukesi raagam.


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