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Carnatic music idol in U.S.A

10:49 PM Posted by Vijayasri

                - for young Carnatic musicians aspiring to become the stars of Carnatic Music
Classical Carnatic Concert Competition (vocal)  - Sep 16th and 17th, 2011

Here is a great opportunity for young musical talents in U.S.A.!!!

Details of Carnatic music idol reality show :(contents of the forwarded email)
We are pleased to announce that - Jaya TV, in association with Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival and Maximum Media (Producers of Margazhi Maha Utsavam), is scheduling a Carnatic Music Idol Junior competition for children living in North America.  The competition will be held at four locations in the USA (New Jersey, Atlanta, Chicago and Bay Area), with the support from a local Carnatic Music organization from each location. We are very happy to announce that IACRF has been selected as one of the four hosts.  IACRF conveys its sincere thanks to Sri V. V. Sundaram, President of the Cleveland Aradhana Committee, who has taken an active role in bringing this concept to life.
We believe that this is a great opportunity for our children, Carnatic Music lovers and our community.  Our children get a chance to showcase their talents across the world (India, U.S., Canada, Australia, Singapore, Middle East  and parts of Europe).  Please find below few important information.  Additional details at   
The competition’s objective is to show-case young individuals living Carnatic music in North America.  This vocal music competition is open to children between the ages of 5 through 18 only.  The winner gets to perform in the Cleveland Thyagaraja Utsavam 2012 in a special slot, and at Jaya TV’s Marghazi Maha Utsavam during Dec 2011.  The winner also gets to release his/her own classical album contracted by one of the leading audio companies.
While the format for the competition is on the lines of the Carnatic Idol for seniors relayed by Jaya TV, this being a junior-level competition, the depth and intensity of questions for this competition will be different. The judges for this competition would be professional musicians visiting from India. Their emphasis would be both competence and future potential.  The judges would recognize that a high schooler's ability cannot be equated to that of a much younger child and hence would focus more on their potential and effort.  An objective of this event is to identify budding talent in North America, and help groom them further into serious Carnatic music for the next few years.
The East Coast sessions would be held on Friday Sep 16th evening and Saturday Sep 17th. The venue is at Montgomery Township High School at Route 601, Skillman, NJ, 08558.  There would be two rounds, a screening round on Friday evening (for NJ, NY and PA residents) and Saturday morning for participants from far away locations) - followed by the preliminary round on Saturday. There will be ample scope for audience participation and voting, which would supplement the judges' decision in identifying the finalists.
Ten contestants will be selected from the New Jersey event for the finals to be held at Bay Area, California (during the weekend of Sep 24th - details on the finals would be provided at a later time).
The entire program (including screening, preliminary and final rounds) will be recorded by Jaya TV crew visiting from India, who will broadcast snippets from the performances of the participants.  The full sequence of events from the initial screening event onwards would be recorded and edited by Jaya TV.  The edited program from all four US locations would be telecast in Jaya TV over 40 sequels, sometime before this year end.
To register for the event, please mail your registration form (enclosed pdf document) and the registration fee, by Sep 6th 2011. The registration fee per participant is $100 and is non-refundable. IACRF will not retain any part of this money. The entire proceeds of this event would be used to the meet the cost of the Jaya TV crew and the local organizing charges incurred for the Carnatic Idol USA event. 
IACRF is also seeking corporate sponsors to promote their corporation and products during this event.  Each sponsor can display one banner on one of the two sides of the main stage.  This provides a great opportunity for advertising your services to a large audience worldwide, in addition to the local audience in attendance.  Each sponsor is requested to contribute at least $2,000 for this purpose.  We also appeal to individual sponsors to donate $500 or more.
For more details contact the coordinators of the event
    Madhusudhan (609) 279 0633   or Ramanathan (732) 422-6830
Or email .  Additional details at   



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