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Ninnai Charanadainden

11:01 PM Posted by Vijayasri


ninnai charaNadainthEn, kaNNammA
ninnai charaNadainthEn

ponnai, uyarvai, pugazhai virumbidum
ennai kavalaigaL thinna thagAthena..

ninnai midimaiyum achamum mEvi
en nenjil kudimai pugunthana,
kondr(u)avai pOkkena - ninnai

thunbam ini illai, sOrvillai sOrvillai,
thORpillai anbu neRiyil aRangaL vaLarththida nallavai nAttida,
theeyavai Ottida

ninnai charaNadainthEn,
ninnai charaNadainthEn ninnai charaNadainthEn,
 kaNNammA ninnai charaNadainthEn

I surrender to thee, the Ultimate I surrender to thee!
  Yearn do I for riches, status and fame!
As I do not wish to be eroded by these yearnings.. (I surrender to thee)

  Cowardice and fear spread in my heart and make it their home. To let these perish.. (I surrender to thee)
May my revelling in conceit end here and may I fulfil what you destined for me.. so (I surrender to thee)
No more sorrows, no more despair, no defeats!
  Will all noble things be nurtured by Love (I surrender to thee) I lack wisdom to differentiate the evil from good [Oh mother] Let nobility prevail and evil perish! (I surrender to thee)


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