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Swaravali Varisaigal audio lessons

12:05 PM Posted by Vijayasri

Carnatic Music lessons starts with Swaravali Varisai where the students get introduced to the seven swaras. Sa,(Shadjam), Ri (Rishabam), Ga (Gandharam), Ma (Madhyamam), Pa(Panchamam), Dha(Dheivatham) and Nishadam(Ni).
   I was able to record and post the swaravali varisai lessons for my students and all others who have started to take their music lessons.
  Hope the students will find this useful for their practice sessions and master the sarali varisai lessons.

 Check out the videos.

Part 1 - First 6 lessons of Swaravali Varisai : ( 5th lesson is not in the book).

Part 2 - 7th to 12th lessons. ( 11th and 12th lessons are not in the book.)

Part 3 - from 13th to 17th lessons :


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