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kurai ondrum illai

4:46 PM Posted by Vijayasri

'kurai ondrum illai' is one of the famous tamil devotional song which was tuned by Shri Kadayanallur Venkatraman, who was a close associate of Shri Semmangudi. Rajaji has weaved those beautiful words into an amazing song and here is a video sung by none other than the M.S.Subbulakshmi amma who has made this lively song divine and immortal with her soulful voice!

To mention the raagams, this is a Raagamalika, means the whole song is not based on just one raagam. The pallavi and anupallavi are sung in Shivaranjani while the charanam is rendered in Shivaranjani,Kapi and Sindubhairavi.

Below is the lyrics and meaning of this song.

Ragam: Raagamaalika
Composer: Rajaji
raagam : shiva ranjani

kuRai onRum illai maRaiMoorththi kaNNaa
kuRai onRum illai kaNNaakuRai onRum illai GOvinthaa

raagam : shiva ranjani
kaNNukku Theriyaamal niRkinRaay kaNNaa
kaNNukku Theriyaamal ninRaalum enakku
kuRai onRum illai maRaiMoorththi kaNNaa
Charanam 1
raagam : shiva ranjani
VEndiyathai thanNthida VEnkaTEsan enRirukka
VEndiyathu VERillai maRaiMoorththi kaNNaa
maNivaNNaa malaiappaa GOvinthaa GOvinthaa
Charanam 2
raagam: kaapi
Thiraiyin pin niRkinRaay kaNNaa - unnai
maRai Othum NYaaniyar mattuME kaaNpaar
enRaalum kuRai onRum enakkillai kaNNaa
Charanam 3
raagam: kaapi
kunRin MEl kallaaki niRkinRa varathaakuRai onRum illai maRaiMoorththi kaNNaamaNivaNNaa malaiappaa GOvinthaa GOvinthaa
Charanam 4
raagam: sindu bhairavi
kalinNaaLukkiranNgi kallilE iRangi
nilaiyaaga KOvilil niRkinRaay KEsavaa
Charanam 5
raagam: sindu bhairavi
yaathum maRukkaatha malaiyappaa - un maarbilEthum thara niRkum karuNai kadal annaienRum irunthida Ethu kuRai enakkuonRum kuRai illai
maRaiMoorththi kaNNaamaNivaNNaa malaiappaa GOvinthaa GOvinthaa

The meaning behind the divine lyrics:

I have no problem Oh, Lord, Kanna! I do not have anything to say, Kanna! I have no complaint, Oh, Govindaa! You are invisible, Oh, kanna! Yet, I have no problem, Oh, Kanna! When Lord Venkateswara is ready to give us what we want, why do we desire anything, Oh, Kanna! Manivanna, malaiappa, Govindaa! You are standing behind a screen, Oh Lord! Only those scholars who are well-versed in the Vedas can “see” you. Yet, I have no problem; No problem even if I do not see You.Oh Lord, You are standing on a hill. I do not have any problem still.You have incarnated yourself into a stone-form recognising the necessity during Kali Yuga. You are permanently here in this Temple. You do not refuse the request from any of your devotees. You also have the merciful Goddess Lakshmi residing in Your chest. So, what deficiency can I have? I have no complaint, Kanna, manivanna, malaiappa, Govindaa, Govindaa!Govindaa, Govindaa! Govindaa, Govindaa! Govindaa, Govindaa!

Watch Sudha Ragunathan singing 'kurai ondrum illai'.

Here is a nice fusion instrumental version of kurai ondrum illai song.


Another video in M.S.S. voice with Lord Krishna Pictures. Watch and enjoy.


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