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Hamsanandhi raaga

3:56 PM Posted by Vijayasri

Hamsanandhi is one of the popular janyams of the unpopular 53rd melam Gamana- chramam (the prathimadhyamam of Suryakaantham).
There are a lot of tamil film songs in Hamsanandhi. A reference can be made from the Papanasam Sivam Krithi Sreenivasa thiru venkata in raaga Hamsanandhi.

Ilaiyaraaja has used this ragam both for happy and sad occasions. Hamsanandi is the panchama varjaya ragam of Gamanachramam (ie., having all the swaras except Pa). Cinema music directors tend to use a lot of M2 in Hamsanandhi. The introduction of sudden M2 gives a great change to the tune.

Probably his first song in this ragam came in Rajni's Thangamagan. Rathiriyil poothirukum is a great song. The song has been sung by the evergreen pair S.P.B and Janaki.Look at the classic "briha" (rapid vocal journey between multiple swaras ina split second) involving Ni Sa Ri Sa Ri when they sing "rathiriyil"!Pulamaipiththan has written this song too. One of his imagination in thissong is ultimate! He says in the pallavi "pagalum urangidum rathiriyil.."Is it not a great idea to qualify the night as the time in which "even theday sleeps"!

There is one superb Hamsanandhi in salangai oli. Vedamanuvilum oru naadam is the last song in (the climax) of the movie. It is acrucial song because Kamal dies during this song.

OtherHamsanandhi songs are
a. vanam niram maarum (davani kanavugal),
b. aeradha mayilmaelae (needhiku dhandanai),
c. o poo manae (iniya uravu poothadhu),
d. ragadheebam aetrum neram (payanangal mudivadhilai).

Needless to say there is a great masterpiece by an earlier music director (kaalayum neeyae byA.M.Raja).


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