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Theeratha Vilayattu pillai

2:15 PM Posted by Vijayasri

Subramania Bharati (Tamil: சுப்பிரமணிய பாரதி) (December 11, 1882 - September 11, 1921) was a Tamil poet from Tamil Nadu, India, independence fighter, and iconoclastic reformer. Known as Mahakavi Bharati (the laudatory epithet Maha Kavi meaning Great Poet in Tamil), he is celebrated as one of India's greatest poets. Bharati was prolific and adept in both the prose and poetry forms, and his rousing compositions helped rally the masses to support the Indian independence movement in South India. He was, what I would call a real Hindu who wanted to breakdown the caste system, a true social reformer who wanted to promote widow remarriage and equal rights and respect for women, and a true intellectual with a wisdom to write on anything and in so many languages.

His impact on carnatic music has also been quite immense. his 'chinnanchiru kiLiye kaNNamma' and 'theeratha vilayattu pillai' are popular in carnatic concerts.
Vocalists like seerkazhi govindarajan and madurai somu, who pioneered the thamizhisai movement which sought to revive the use of thamizh in CM, were i think the first to use his poems on the concert stage. lately, rajkumar bharathi, his grandson and a carnatic vocalist of some repute, has been active in promoting his poetry in CM.

'Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai' is a beautiful tamil song in the name of Lord Krishna portrayed as a mischievous and playful kid.

Song : theeratha vilayattu pillai
Thalam: Ekam
Composer: Subramanya Bharathi
raagam: raagamaalikaa
Languae :tamil


theeraadha vilaiyaattup pillai - kannan
theruvilae pengalukkoayaadha thollai

thinnap pazham kondu varuvaan - paadhi
thinginra poadhilae thattip parippaan
ennappan ennaiyaan enraal - adhanai
echchir paduththik kadiththuk koduppaan

azhagulla malar kondu vandhae - ennai
azha ahach cheydhapin kannai moodik kol
kuzhalilae soottuvaen enbaan - ennaik
kurudaakki malarinai thoazhikku vaippaan

pinnalaip pinninrizhuppaan - thalai
pinnae thirumbumun naer senru maraivaan
vannap puduch chaelai thanilae - puzhudi
vaarich chorindhae varuththik kulaippaan

pullaanguzhal kondu varuvaan - amudhu
pongith thadhumbu nal geedham padaippaan
kallaal mayanguvadhu poalae - adhainaik
kanmoodi vaaythirandhae kaettiruppoam

Videos for theeradha vilayattu pillai - by Sowmya and Nithyasree Mahadevan. This song is populary used for classical dance , Bharatnatyam. Enjoy that video too.

For instrumental AUDIO OF Bharatiar Song 'THEERADHA VILAYATTU PILLAI':


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