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umbartharu dhenumani

2:29 PM Posted by Vijayasri

umbartharu (VinAyagar thuthi)
'umbartharu dhenumani' is a song composed by Arunagiri Nadhar on the name of Lord Vinayaka.
Lyrics of 'umbartharu' below :

umbartharu dhEnumaNi kasivAgi
oNkadaliR thEnamudhath thuNarvURi

inbarasaththE parugip palakAlum
endhanuyirk kAdharavut RaruLvAyE

thambithanak kAgavanath thaNaivOnE
thandhaivalath thAlaruLkaik kaniyOnE

anbarthamak kAnanilai poruLOnE
ainthukarath thAnaimugap perumALE.

......... Meaning .........

umbartharu: Like the KaRpaga Tree in the Heavens,

dhEnumaNi: Divine Cow (kamadhenu) and ChintAmaNi (all of which are known to be the Great Wish-Yielders)

kasivAgi: my mind should become very compassionate and generous.

oNkadaliR thEnamudhathu: Like the Amritha (divine nectar) from the shiny Milky Ocean,

uNarvURi: feelings should arise in my heart.

inbarasaththE parugip palakAlum: I should drink that blissful nectar many times.

endhanuyirkku Adharavutru aruLvAyE: You should protect my life and bless me.

thambithanak kAga: For the sake of Your younger brother (Murugan),

vanathth aNaivOnE: You came (as an elephant) to the millet field.

thandhaivalath thAl: By circumambulating Your father SivA,

aruLkai kaniyOnE: You were blessed with a fruit in Your hand.

anbarthamak kAna: For Your devotees, You are

nilai poruLOnE: the sought-after Permanent Essence!

aindhukaraththu Anaimuga perumALE.: You are the Great One with five hands and an elephant face!


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