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Bhupalam and Bowli raaga - difference

10:08 PM Posted by Vijayasri

The two early morning raagas Bowli and BhupAlam sounds similar though they have the difference in their parent raaga.

Bhupalam is a janya of 8th mela Hanumathodi and has the arohanam and avarohanam as follows : (The gandharam is sadharana gandharam for this raaga)

Aaro : S R1 G2 P D1 S
Avaro: S D1 P G2 R1 S

Bowli , a janya of 15th mela Mayamalavagowla, (Bowli is Mayamalava
Gowlai Janyam employs the antara gandharam Ga3 instead of Ga2 in Boopalam.)
Aro: S R1 G3 P D1 S
Avaro: S N3 D1 P G3 R1 S

Actually the main differences between bowli and bhUpAlam is the use of nishadam note in the former and the gandaram that is employed in both raagas.

Enjoy the M.S.S. rendition of sambho mahadeva in raagam 'bowli'. This song was a Neelakanta sivam composition made famous by M.S.Subbulakshmi amma.

Here is a video where this guy demonstrates the difference between raagas Bouli and Bhupalam nicely.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Thanks for illustrating the difference between the two ragas. I have a small correction to make though. The composer of the song "Brahma mokkate" is Sri.Annamacharya and not Sri.Purandara Dasa

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